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September and October are my 2016 Webinar Months
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Update: The recordings of all webinar sessions are avaialble. Get an overview of all recordings here: Webinar overview

Adobe RoboHelp: Cross-reference Index Keywords
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An index often contains many synonyms to allow readers to find a topic even if they use a different terminology. Managing all these variants can be difficult because you have to ensure that all synonyms are applied to the same topics. To make this job easier, RoboHelp allows you to create cross-references between index keywords.
  1. Ensure that your index has as least one entry.
Update for RoboHelp ExtendScript Library
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I just released a small update to the RoboHelp ExtendScript Library. You can now use methods and shorthands while working with scripting events. And I've included a function to get the text from a token, such as retrieving the text from a paragraph.

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