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Title: Linking to a Drop-Down

Sometimes you need to link to an anchor that is inside a dropdown. RoboHelp doesn't open the dropdown, so the link will only open the page. This problem occurs in all the HTML based outputs, even in the Multiscreen HTML5 output.

There is a solution to this problem. The attached script will enable you to link to drop-downs in all of RoboHelp's layouts. (See compatibility matrix for details.) The script even supports twisties.

View example output View example output.


This script works with the following outputs:

Version / Output AIR CHM FlashHelp Multiscreen HTML5 WebHelp
RoboHelp 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RoboHelp 9 Yes Yes Yes No Yes
RoboHelp 8 Yes Yes Yes No Yes
RoboHelp 7 No No No No No

Setting up

  1. Add the script as a baggage file to your project.
  2. Add the script in the header section of your topic:
  <script type="text/javascript" src="/link_to_dropdown.js"></script>


  • You need to add the script on the page you are linking to. You do not need to add the script on the page you are linking from.
  • You can also add the script to the header or footer of your master page. If you experience problems with that, simply add the contents of the js file to your master page header/footer. (Insert > HTML > Advanced > Script and paste the content in the Source field.)


Hannah's picture

Is there any solution for Robohelp 11 yet?

Willam van Weelden's picture

The script should work for RH11 and RH2015 as well. I simply haven't updated this page and haven't tested the script myself.

Hannah's picture

Thanks for your reply. I have one question: Where exactly can I download the script? The "FreeDownload" link is not working :(

Willam van Weelden's picture

The free download link will add the script to your shopping cart. Look at the sidebar on the right. Use the checkout to claim the script.

h.schmidt2015's picture

Many thanks for your help :)

This script will solve a lot of problems in our webhelp!


h.schmidt2015's picture

hmmm...The script does not seem to be working. I followed your instuctions and sometimes I get a syntax error . The dropdown hotspot will not open :(

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