HTML5 and Mobile help

Optimizing for mobile

Creating output for mobile devices differs greatly from creating content for desktop. Mobile devices have small screens and every inch of that is valuable. This means that you need to amend your texts to accomodate these screens.

iPadThe Multiscreen HTML5 output of RoboHelp provides you an easy way to publish your content to mobile. But that you can does not mean you should. How will popups work on mobile? Are dropdowns a viable option? What do you need to do with screen shots? I can help you answer these doubts and optimize your content for mobile. Contact me for more infomation.

​RoboHelp HTML5 Screen layouts

Adobe has provided several default layouts for the Multiscreen HTML5 layout with RoboHelp. These layouts are extremely flexible and you can make a complete custom layout for your company.

Modifying or creating screen layouts requires quite a bit of knowledge of HTML5 and CSS. I can advise you about modifying and creating layouts. If you need I can also create your custom layout for you. Contact me for more information, prices and availability.

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