Filosofisch Café Dordrecht

Filosofisch Cafe Dordrecht

The philosophical café Dordrecht has an interactive program to allow people to sit together and practice philosophy. We offer free programs that feature both distinguished speakers and enthousiasts. Our mission is to host a platform for non-academics to get into contact with philosophy. Philosophy cannot exist in books alone. We provide thought-provoking and entertaining introductions into philosophers and philosophical themes. If you are around, feel free to join us! You can read more on: (Dutch)


Help Essentials is the idea of two technical authors – Jonathan Smith and Willam van Weelden. Both are experienced in technical communication and RoboHelp and have worked extensively with Adobe in creating elegant solutions with RoboHelp and other authoring applications.

Many authors (including Jonathan and Willam) are inspired to develop their own extensions or customisations. This desire to push the boundaries and extend the capabilities of online documentation is at the core of Help Essentials. The site offers professionally designed assets to help your RoboHelp powered documentation stand out in the crowd. With fresh ideas and resources, Help Essentials is the go to marketplace for technical authoring professionals looking for custom skins, layouts, and scripts.


Effective learning starts with effective trainers. This is the most important thing I learned when I started university. In primary education, if children aren’t learning, it’s the teacher that has to improve. Even though I am now working in IT, I see the truth of this in every class I teach. Teaching is a profession, so it’s perfectly normal that we require a state recognized license before allowing someone to teach children. But we don’t always require the same for adult education. I know that there are several certifications available for classroom training. But there was no similar certification for online training. And that’s strange. Online training requires unique skills and is every bit as challenging as teaching a physical class. (Or perhaps more so.)

ICCOTP (International Council for Certified Online Training Professionals) set out to solve this problem. ICCOTP offers an online trainer certification program that certifies outstanding online training professionals. This helps trainers in showing their professionalism and outstanding teaching qualities! And it helps students because they can rest assured of their trainers’ skill.

As a teaching professional, I wholeheartedly support this initiative. Trainers deserve recognition of their skills that help them stand out. And students deserve to know whether their instructor is the didactic professional they expect.